Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I was exceptionally nervous for my wisdom teeth removal, but the only bad part that I remember was them putting in the IV (I really don't like needles). The whole procedure passed instantaneously, and the aftermath wasn't bad at all! I was sore, and my jaw was swollen to about twice its normal size, but the bleeding stopped within the day and the pain was almost nonexistent (I only used like 5 of the prescribed extra strength ibuprofen). I was even able to go out drinking with my friends two days after the procedure (I was off the meds by that point and only had a drink or two anyway). The only pain point of the ordeal is that they don't seem to have a way to pay your bill online, which is slightly inconvenient. Other than that I couldn't complain, since my experience with wisdom teeth removal seems to have been the best when compared to any of my friends'.

- Joseph S

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